Monday, December 22, 2008

Icky Sicky

Just a run down of the past few days...

Friday: I woke up real early with sharp chest pains. Tried to wait it out to see if it went away, finally went to the ER to be sure. Nothing bad, just...Costcochondritis. Nasty stuff, could be from all that snow shoveling. I sleep all day while Mr. Smith drives the kids down to Grandma's for a sleepover.

Saturday: Wake up and my chest feels better. I pop some ibuprofen and decide to go to Costco. Mr. Smith and I meet with the guy replacing our garage door. We look and try to decide what we want.

Sunday: I am still sick, now the kids are getting sick. The whole family missed church, and I slept from 9am to 9pm, then from 10pm to Monday morning.

Monday: MAJOR snow dump! Snowed in and can't leave the house. We are still sickies, but had to take Miss Magoo and get two teeth extracted. Merry Christmas Miss Magoo! Delivered our Christmas candy to almost every Mr. and Mrs. Jones on the street. I tasted some after we got home. The cookies were hard and the caramels dried out! What a bummer. So if you had to eat it, and spit it out...sorry about that!

The chest pains have subsided, and the cold is gone. Miss Magoo's awaiting the tooth fairy tonight. I informed her that "due to weather conditions" she may not come until tomorrow. Mr. Smith is running down to the store to see if, by some miracle, they have any golden dollars. (that's what the tooth fairy brings)

I sit here, pretty much snowed in. Not having a garage to park in means that I'm not sure I could even get my sweet mini-van out of the driveway. Even if I did, it would never make it out of my neighborhood. Have I mentioned how much I love the snow?...because I don't! I called my sister and she said "Do you have any snow?" She lives about 5 miles East and I knew they had a lot less than we did, but she was convinced otherwise. On the news tonight, our small town reported a whopping...13". The highest in the County! Boy, aren't we the lucky ones!

The satellite dish is frozen over, so no TV today. As long as my Internet still works I will feel OK. Right now I am browsing Real Estate sites in Arizona!